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February 16, 2020  

New Binance intraday future market spreadsheet data

Here is some of the important data you can use which is from Binance Futures market. This is useful with columns of


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February 14, 2020  

Dissect Binance Futures Order Book Bid Ask in Python

Here I show you how to dissect the order book from the Binance Futures API There seems to 3x more volume in futures vs spot on Binance. Also, you can trade at 125x leverage. Comment FREE on our Facebook page to get our
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February 11, 2020  

Motivewave mega tips and tricks

Motivewave mega tips and tricks
This is part of a module in my Non Programming Trader workshop with MotiveWave. Get access here
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February 7, 2020  

Cryptocurrency has rebounded

It seems cryptocurrency is no long in a bear market. Let’s take a look at some of the popular coins to see if this is the case.
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February 5, 2020  

Stocks picked that go up 40 50 or even 100 percent

Out of all the 3000+ videos I have done, this is the most exciting. I have recorded an hour long video on how I picked low priced stocks that returned 40-100% within an hour pre market process. Of all the things I have researched over 10 years, this is the most exciting yet! It could be that lucrative! The mentioned video has been recorded and uploaded into my ELITE section. It shows how I am finding predictable timing to get these kind of returns and what to expect. I was in total awe. Note the 50% discount will close in 2 days

NOTE that there was no programming needed

See the quick video on results

I am thinking of ending the 50% DISCOUNT code for my ELITE this Friday. As you know, that is in 2 days.

Once again, that DISCOUNT code is:


This needs to be applied during the check-out process found here.

If you want the 3 year terms, there is no need to apply the discount code for the 3 years. Apply this code for the 1.5 year term. All accounts need to be manually set up once payment is received.

You should know about the extra incentives I am giving posted here.


IMPORTANT Status of current this ‘Non Programming Workshop’


If there is not enough demand, I will cancel it but it would be a shame for those never acted. If there is not enough demand, I MAY do a video on demand course as part of my ELITE service. I will make that decision in 2 days.

Remember that this is a survey asking for when this potential LIVE workshop is most convenient to you


Special notes

I also removed all references (from my Blog) of the service that enables me to see these ideas. The videos are currently on my ELITE for the next few days but do expect those to be removed as well if this ‘discovery’ proves to be highly valuable. I want to ensure it is not based on luck.

Removing these videos and posts in my ELITE should be  considered this an extra incentive to join it right away! Do understand that this contents could be that valuable which gives me potentially a HUGE EDGE! I hope my current ELITE members take advantage of this as well. You can expect those links to be posted in the Private Chat server you should have access to. Also, these stock picks may get posted on this server in real time during the New York City opening market sessions. Signals may also get sent out (from my MotiveWave trading platform) to my Quant Analytics members as well.


January 31, 2020  

Only Litecoin is profitable today inthe world of cryptocurrency

Litecoin is the only profitable cryptocurrency coin today
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January 31, 2020  

Surprise! MotiveWave now runs on Linux like Ubuntu or Mint

This is no April Fools. Our dream is here. Learn more
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January 31, 2020  

Forex and CFD status for Jan 31

Forex and CFD status for Jan 31 Here are the latest findings with Forex.

It seems it is baack with some interesting signals in the CFD space

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January 12, 2020  

Why trading stock market over cryptocurrency and forex

Why trading USA stock market over cryptocurrency or forex

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2020)

Here are my note typed out in the video about the new global stock market view

Forex à bucket shop brokers are corrupt

Crypto -> steep bear market

24000 USA stocks import in MotiveWave

  • More opportunity for lower priced stock <$10

Use top gurus techniques (e.g. Warrior Trading/Ross Cameron/Tim Sykes)

No Pattern day trading rule for foreigners with full access to US markets

Same opportunities can be applied to international  e.g. tested with Singapore market

Interactive Brokers-> small stocks for $200 trading account -> larger stocks -> futures/options

Full automation can be applied in MotiveWave which also appears to be pretty fast

Apply pre market news from IQfeed standard news subscriptions


Upcoming LIVE INTENSIVE workshop

Sun Jan 19 at 7 PM EDT

$499  -> 1 annual ELITE (997) + Analytics (12*97=1200)-> $2200 + LIFTETIME chat server

MATLAB machine learning


January 11, 2020  

Exviting import thousands of Stock for MotiveWave and Interactive Brokers

Video: Exiting import thousands of Stock for MotiveWave and Interactive Brokers

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2020)

This is exciting as this video shows you nearly 240000 stock imported from USA stocks. I show the links below which is part of this video. Canyou imagine the power this brings now? It is quite fast with MotiveWave.

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