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October 19, 2020  

Get your frikkin’ trade hat on with day trading and cryptocurrency

I talk about how it is important to trade with your trading hat on. Not computer science or mathematician. It seems quite rarely people win either way without them being pure geniuses in that space.

Here is my experience so far
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October 17, 2020  

New version of automated trading strategy with stop loss

I have a new strategy being tested with 3 exit levels and automated stop loss. I am testing with decent entries and huge up potential. This should fix as an insurance policy for downward trends or negative whip saws. Want to learn more how to do this?

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October 13, 2020  

Programming systematic python trading vs discretionary human

A question from someone on this but let me answer in an honest way for consistent profit: Hey Brian, I’ve been lurking for about a month but I made an account to sub and interact with you after watching your video that was just the terminal window with small consistent gains. Anyways I’ve dabbled in CS for years and years but never dived headfirst. I put too much emphasis on web development and not enough on algorithms etc. Do you recommend learning foundation in C and then obviously transitioning into C++ and python? Or do you think I should just go straight into python and all those libraries etc?

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October 12, 2020  

Lesson learned human intervention over automated trading exit

Lesson learned human intervention over automated trading exits

t seems I need question automation vs manual exits. Is it better to manually watch the exits? I have tested the automated exits where some of the expected on the USA market overnight trades did poorly. See what I think here. 

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October 12, 2020  

Reassess cryptocurrency strategy

Reassess cryptocurrency strategy while it moving up 10%

Crypto has really bounced back with some moving at least 10% with up to 50%. Bitcoin was moving up a $1000. It still seems to be moving up.

Interested in algo trading or the tech?

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October 12, 2020  

What market indices or commodity would you choose to trade Oct 12

I think USA market should continue while silver was looking strong. I hope Australia and France outperform short term but you rebalance as soon as possible to retain. We are learn how this new strategy will work.

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October 9, 2020  

Let us rebalance more crypto currency trading for Oct 9

This is the name of game to rebalance the potential winning sets using Motivewave with Binance cryptocurrency trading exchange. I wish there was an automated way to do this. Overall, it looks like the crypto market is moving up so check out this video to see which are the winners.

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October 9, 2020  

How did forex and CFD do today on Oct 9

I am now setup for this Sunday nite when Asia open. I saw a nice surprise profit in a USA CDF but learn about another forex pair to limit loss.

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October 9, 2020  

Do you want my cryptocurrency FX CFD trading setups via MotiveWave?

I just wanted to highlight that all my analysis files are available in my repository provided from my MotiveWave set up. These are available: 1. Hot setup for crypto currency where one had already doubled in 24 hours 2. As we are going into a weekend, you can use the forex and CFD analytics files for your Sunday. This includes some Asian setups with readying you for Monday when the USA markets open up

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October 9, 2020  

How to use MotiveWave Repository to share analysis files

Here is an updated tutorial of how to use MotiveWave’s repository feature. This is helpful share analysis among other MotiveWave users.

Check out the previous post on this repository


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