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June 15, 2019  

Intro to Quant ELITE Service

Intro to Quant ELITE Service

Your ONE Stop Shop for Algo Trading

New sales page with video presentation below



Major Benefit Highlights


5 Algo Trading courses

All Access to Quant Analytics

ALL Access to 10+ year archive

ALL Private webinar video playbacks

LIFETIME ACCESS to private/secure chat server with no 3rd party tracking


Primary Focus


For retail traders as newbies starting from scratch

Accessible asset classes of retail forex and crypto

Advanced algo or discretionary traders will find archive HIGHLY valuable


10 Year Archive


All lessons include source code and walkthrough videos

Primitive trading bot template for crypto

Book tips that helped me out

All my notes to build out experimental trading platforms

Complete link notes to math study of Khan Academy

Legacy R source for older trading courses

Excel stock screener tips

.Net and C# source code example files

Database schema examples with MS SQL Server

Hundreds of secret gems hidden in this archive


5 Courses


Python Infrastructure Building Block for Bots

Dukascopy tutorial videos for non programmers with visual programming tool

Algo Trading examples for Future/Options fundamental trades

API examples with popular Interactive Brokers

Zero to Hero logging/debugging to help tweak strategies


No other service exists


Weekly LIVE webinar events

24/7 access to chat server

2600+ video Youtube channel

11K+ Facebook fans in group

3000+ Linked contact in group

3500+ combined Meetup members



June 12, 2019  

Updated tour of Quant Analytics Dashboard

Here are the new options available is this quant trading service.
Sign up here https://quantlabs.net/academy/quant-analytics/

June 10, 2019  

New cointegrated crypto pair of BCH XMR

New cointegrated crypto pair of BCH XMR

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2019)

This does not look promising. As suggested in my webinar today and videos from last week, the crypto long short combos are hard to trade intraday due to extreme volatility. We can only view daily data for any potential cointegration to hold which is not similar to forex. Watcjh this video to see what TradingView says about these pairs.



June 10, 2019  

New cointegrated with low pvalue forex pair added to current one

I generated new forex pair to see if there is any new long short combos. A new one was found this morning with Long EUR CHF short GPB JPY with pvalue of 0.03%. The current one of long ERU CHF short GBP CHF with pvalue of 0.03 has been valid for over a week. I am not sure if the longs will hold looking at the TradingView charts but the shorts look good. Watch my video for more info



June 7, 2019  

How is BTC ETH LTC looking into cryptocurrency trading for weekend

LTC went up 13 % in the last 24 hours. I focus on the other top 4 crypto currency coins out there according to CoinmarketCap.com. I do a 7 day view which shows the last weeks poor performance.



June 6, 2019  

Forex is better for cointegration pair intraday trading vs crypto

I showcase how this forex combo of EUR_GBP as long vs GBP_CHF as the short. This cointegration has held for 4 days since Monday. This would never happen in crypto currency as shown in another story with a video.



June 6, 2019  

Lessons learned of cryptocurrency pair trading intraday vs daily

Lessons learned of #cryptocurrency pair #trading intraday vs daily

This was posted a few days ago to intraday trading with crypto. Check out the video to see the details



June 6, 2019  

What do I think of EOS and Ripple for cryptocurrency algo trading bot

What do I think of #EOS and #Ripple for #cryptocurrency algo #trading #bot


This was posted a few days ago to intraday trading with crypto. Check out the video to see the details 


June 4, 2019  

How to download thousands of data points for cryptocurrency and forex backtesting

I have talked about this in my webinar which is behind my paywall. This includes revealing 2 Github projects for backtesting with cryptocurrency or forex. Get access here



June 2, 2019  

Downloading thousands of forex data points for backtesting

Just showing you how to download up 87000 data points of forex hourly data. I use MotiveWave with IQFeed as the data source.