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September 17, 2019  

Perfect SMA combos for day trading

This seems it works on a number forex pairs as show in the video. It also takes care of negative whipsaws I always come across. It is best to use the hourly timeframe. Note that the forex market data comes Oanda. I think it is safe to say you may not need Fibonacci levels nor bid/ask order books data. It is just pure price action off of hourly data. Let me know what you think via social media comments or email.

I mention I can create quick trading bots using my Python trading course if you decide to use this framework introduced here

September 16, 2019  

Saudi Arabia attack show oil gold and how markets reacted according to CFD data

#SaudiArabia attack show #oil #gold and how markets reacted according to CFD data

Some surprises on the long term trend. According to this data from Oanda CFD (poor mans gateway to future or options), it would appear silver and gold are ones to watch now. Check out the Word and Excel documents to download from earlier today.



September 16, 2019  

How to delete email with IMAP and Python.

This star trader on youtube show his million dollar strategy

Here is a young guy from China who went from 27k to 3 million. Is the believable? Sure since he was ‘taught’ by Tim Sykes. Either way, this is pretty to cool watch from a ‘kid’ who lives the true American dream. Check him out. Just always remember these strategy signals may burn out with the picks or strategy used.


See my live trading signals wit hthe new MT4 EA coming at https://quantlabs.net/trading/


September 14, 2019  

How to delete email with IMAP and Python

How to delete email with IMAP and Python

I show how to clear or delete email with Python and IMAP


This works in conjunction with my Analytics service

September 14, 2019  

Why fixed term on Quantlabs Python trading bot course

Why fixed term on Quantlabs Python trading bot course

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2019)

As question came inf from a Python trading bot course student

I am still half way .

Can you extent it to another couple of months.

When we take some courses in Udemy and all mostly the video  course  will be for life time .

Not sure why your videos are for limited time can you please extent the time to couple of months.


Here is the course I speak of


September 14, 2019  

JP Morgan Athena has 35 million lines of code in Python but will not be updated v3

JP Morgan Athena has 35 million lines of code in python but will not be updated for version three

I have new course to help build your custom trading bot in python


September 13, 2019  

trump tweets about fed lowering interest rate

Trump tweets about fed lowering interest rate lower than 0 to refinance debt

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2019)



It seems that President Trump wants to lower interest rates below zero. This is a complete disaster for all those who want to retire and save. Also when you look at the recent ECB Bazooka package announcement, you really need to wonder who’s going to save us all down the future.

There is one hopeful As a class that I do believe may help called cryptocurrency. I’ll explain it all in this video.


September 12, 2019  

live sign for forex and crypto webinar

Date sources: Crytpo Signal Alert comes from Kraken while forex/CFD comes from Oanda. This services support UA customers. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to use Kraken and Oanda to synchronize with signal email data.



September 11, 2019  

What I learn about he Ottawa Canada mint for gold silver.

I talk in a video about topics bail in (how it affects your bank deposits), central bank gold hedging, US high national debt, and Texas and Germany want their gold back!

Here is a service with live trading signals


September 11, 2019  

NEW Masterplan for algo trading benefits.

I talk about how it will be difficult to save money in the long term. Algo trading will be one of the few accessible options retail traders will have. By the way, everything is being automated like it or not. You need figure when central bank rates go negative, inflation to go up, currency wars of race to the bottom, as well as automation to replace your career. Real estate don’t work since it is dependent on a strong economy. I showcase all the services as well which niches I plan to focus on.

Here are the 3 services/products I offer but do realize that these prices will go up in the next few weeks !