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September 20, 2020  

Kraken vs Binance crypto exchanges by volume

September 20, 2020

Here is a query from someone about Kraken vs Binance crypto exchanges

I have finally decided to join your list.

Do you still offer to connect to your algo trading signals service?

My ARB system suck ass for about the last 2 weeks due to the low trading volume in most crypto exchanges…

Kraken exchange total daily volume went from $400M+ on a busy weekday 2 weeks ago to struggling reaching $250M daily now…

I’m not a trading expert yet but volume definitely have an impact on volatility and creating arb opportunities… as I’m currently figuring out…

I figure that if I could try out signal services, that could pump my trading volume and as soon as I get trading fee discount, I expect that my arbitrage could have an easier time to compete with others…

I’m looking into integrating binance… Much bigger exchange… and lower fees than Kraken…

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