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March 4, 2022  
February 28, 2022  

Why Bitcoin and crypto cannot be a hedge and tied to stock market performance

I got a series of questions and comments from a Facebook user. He asked about market making, crypto manipulation ,and crypto options markets. I answer here



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February 28, 2022  

Defensive assets are critical to preserve wealth

As you know, there are no stock indices or gold in these trading baskets which outperform the SPY bench market. This is how you preserver wealth! That could change in coming weeks but for now, as war, the virus, and inflation perists, these risk will be remain in the global markets. It is quite evident that the risk off and the SPY has been negative for the last few months.

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February 25, 2022  

PAXG cryptocurrency coin is safest way to buy gold

This cryptocurrency coin can be used to buy gold the safest way. This company seems trustworthy as they partnered iwth Interactive Brokers. This should raise your confidence to buy this coin

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February 25, 2022  

How to really protect wealth not these 5 ways from Forbes

February 28 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

There are many affects of the last invasion of Ukraine war. it also exposed where weaknesses will be in your portfolio. We can talk about the latest research I am finding with recent trading baskets I am finding and timing. These also even outperform crypto in a crazy but is the ultimate defensive way to preserve your portfolio.


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February 25, 2022  

How to guide currency will be stable performance while gold oil goes volatile

There are three currencies you want o have to reduce coming volatility in your portfolio. Just look at todays big drops in gold and oil. This could be the future of holding both. OIl could have peaked so you want to hold low volatile but slight performing currencies.


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February 25, 2022  

Guide on why one percent rich will move to Japan yen

This is true as explained in this Economist article: Japan has low inflation, cheap stocks and a strong international balance-sheet

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February 25, 2022  

How to really protect wealth not these 5 ways from Forbes

This articles has some ok tips for wrong reasons found in this Forbes articles. Two of them are absolute financial suicide as inflation kicks into high gear in coming months. This is especially true as the Federal Reserve are about to raise interest to fight inflation. This will have a huge negative impact on those with mortgages and being over extended. Join my free newsletter with PDFs here https://quantlabs.net/contact/



February 25, 2022  

Next BTC ETH will small as downward pressure could perists while PAXG explodes

I am not sure if ETH or BTC will rally much according to these Hurst Cycles forecast. There is one coin that has mushroomed in valued called PAXG so consider that a bonus! It seems to be gold based so how is this different than paper gold ?

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February 23, 2022  

Top 2 way to confirm trading direction of cryptocurrency coins

It seems that the top simple ways to watch the trading direction of coins is using candlestick moving averages and trendlines. There is more I can use to add to my service below. I just don’t want to overwhelm when they join this monthly subscription. Which indicators would you like to see as a priorirty in this service?

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